The Great War

CBC? I've never heard of it, I must not get it.


Wait a minute... that's my initials.....



It stands for Canadian Broadcasting System. Living here in Michigan, and growing up in Detroit, we were always exposed to Canadian television because we lived a few minutes from the Canadian border.


When I was little (BEFORE CABLE), we had VHF channels, 2, 4, 7, 9 and 20. 9 being broadcasts from our Canadian brothers, the CBC.


Anyway, they do have it on DVD, and it would be worth having it in your collection someday. It's that good. I learned a lot and it was brilliantly done. Showed these individuals, the descendants, going through boot camp and then the trenches in Europe. The re-enacting really got to them, and the show was filled with lots of tears and emotions running on high.

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