Expert Infantry Badge


That was me that asked all the detail Q's. The article is good info. It mentions the case when someone earned both the EIB and CIB...

In such cases, the CIB has precedence according to Army Regulation manual 670-1.

So the CIB is regarded as a higher accomendation in the Army's eyes, too.


One more question---and still referring to WW2 in general.

Did officer's wear the CIB? or the EIB?

And this could mean an officer straight out of OCS or an officer who was promoted up thru the ranks and saw combat as an enlisted?

I think I've seen several photos of WW2 officers with the CIB.

I just wonder who would you expect to see wearing the EIB in the European Theater? A soldier who took the infantryman's training and then was assigned some other duty, such as HQ Staff or maybe even a Medic. (I think I recall that the Medic Badge did not exist in WW2.)


Steve -- an ex-Air Force O-2 who was never around Army bases.


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