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Hello, just getting started - moegal - 11-06-2005


my name is Larry Heck. My grandfather was Clayton Runnions, he was in Co. F 344th engineers, general service. I know that he was with the 5th army, 7th army and the VI corps. He was in the batles and Campaigns in : Rhineland, Rome-Arno, Napples-Foggia, Northern France, and Central Europe. Does anyone know of the 344th?

Hello, just getting started - Walt's Daughter - 11-06-2005

You're in luck my new friend. Check out the following post that can be found here.


You can find info on other engineering units in the Lost and Found section and also the WWII Engineer section here on the forum.


Let me know if I can be of further service. I'm always happy to help out and pleased that you found our site and joined our forum. Welcome! :pdt34:

Hello, just getting started - swick1968 - 07-04-2007

Larry, my Grandfather, Richard Lee Parsons, Sr. was an MP w/ Co. F 344th Engineers :armata_PDT_37:

Hello, just getting started - Walt's Daughter - 07-04-2007

Welcome to our forum and a very Happy 4th of July to you. Would love to hear more about your grandfather Richard.


Sorry don't know what the heck is going on with the referenced link above. Let me check it out! :huh:

Hello, just getting started - Walt's Daughter - 07-04-2007

Well here we go. I forgot that we changed over to a new server, so anything posted earlier was still referring to the old one. Sorry about that!

Hello, just getting started - swick1968 - 07-06-2007

Thanks ! Grandpa passed before I had a chance to meet him, but I have his military papers :armata_PDT_01:

Would like to see the 344th's insignia

Hello, just getting started - Walt's Daughter - 07-06-2007



I have an entire booklet of engineer insignias and the 344th Eng Regiment is there too. Here ya go.


If anyone else ever needs WWII engineer insignia, just let me know. This is from the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors. They were kind of enough to copy all the pages for me. Thanks guys. You're great!


Hello, just getting started - swick1968 - 07-11-2007

thanks ! is this the shoulder patch

Hello, just getting started - Walt's Daughter - 07-11-2007

Just copied it straight from the book of Engineer DI's (Distinctive Insignia). Here's the lowdown from their book.



There is another section that is JUST shoulder patches and just lists a few, but most of the time they are one and the same. pdt34:

Hello, just getting started - Walt's Daughter - 03-13-2011

Hi Marion,


My dad served with the 344th Engineer General Service Regiment, in

Company D. Do you know of unit insignia or patches that may be

available for this unit?



Rick Elverson

Amherst, New Hampshire


I wrote back to him and pointed him to this topic.


He sent me a panoramic photo. Here's what he said:


Please see the attachment. My father, William F Elverson, is in row

2, 26th person from the left.



Rick Elverson