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New to Message board - Dolores (Saraniero) Martin - 09-16-2008

Hello to you all and thanks for letting me participate in this forum. I found this sight while doing some research on the web and think that this has to be the best place to find the info I am looking for. My great granfather ( WT Hancock) served with the 343d Engineer Reg. during WWII and I am trying to find some info his time in Europe. I am living in the Netherlands right now and and have been seeing some amazing history during my time off. One thing I would like to find while I am here, if possible, is the location of where the Dunbar Bridge was built across the Rhine. (29 Mar through 8 Apr 1945) Thank you to you all for your help and have a great day!


Derreck Jett

New to Message board - Walt's Daughter - 09-16-2008

Hi Derek:


Well you have come to the right place, and in fact, I will put you in touch with Armonde Casagrande, today. I am sending you his private information via email. I know he will love talking to you. In the meantime, here's his web page:


I will also put you in touch with other family members of those who belonged to the unit, too.


Nice having you here.



New to Message board - CaptO - 09-16-2008

Welcome aboard! There certainly is a lot of great history here so enjoy. One of our most valuable assets is our WWII vets that we have that routinely post. There is also great deal of posts from vets who are regrettably no longer with us. Enjoy delving into the past posts!

New to Message board - roque_riojas - 09-16-2008

Hello Derek; Welcome to this site. You have come to the right one to obtain info on the Engineers. The only

Engineers I knew, drove freight trains. All other engineers KEPT ME ALIVE !!!!!! ENJOY AND ASK QUESTIONS


HAVE FUN.-------------- :armata_PDT_23::armata_PDT_19::armata_PDT_01: