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French website - Musee Turckheim-Alsace - Walt's Daughter - 08-21-2006

Received this very nice email today. I wrote to him last month to let him know that I liked their site and had placed a link from ours to theirs. I DID WRITE IT IN FRENCH! B) For those who don't speak French, he says he received my email and thanks me. He is happy that I visited their marvelous site. Then goes on to say that if I am ever in the area to let them know ahead of time so they can arrange a tour.


When I wrote, I said that I hoped my FRENCH wasn't too bad. He replied that is wasn't and he understood it. :D


Merci pour votre mail et la mise en place du lien. Notre musée est le seul qui raconte les combats qui se sont déroulés en Alsace.


Je suis très heureux que vous ayez trouvé le site merveilleux.


Si vous venez un jour au musée, prévenez-nous, on essayera de faire une visite guidée.


Pour votre français, c’est pas mal ! J’ai presque tout compris !


Bye !




Président du Musée