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My uncle, Harry H. Birkby, was a member of the 36th from the time he was drafted in '41 until he mustered out in '46. I grew up hearing a lot of stories about the guys he served with, but nothing about combat.


After I grew up, and went into the Navy, I found out about what combat engineers do. My time in the service confirmed a conviction I had already formed that the more war stories, the more likely you're talking to a REMF.


If anyone knows anything about my uncle, I'd love to hear it.



Glad to have you here. I will pass your info along to the other members of the 36th and their families.


Have you had a chance to look around the site and view some of the info on the 36th such as John Fallons page?


Their is also some history of the 36th on the Stories Page


More will be placed on the site as time permits. I don't know if you are aware, but I am writing a book on the 36th, 39th and 540th and hope to have it done within the next couple of years.


Welcome aboard Charlie; After you have been around a while, you will find that our Marion is a tiger at leading you to people who can answer your questions. She's tops with us and soon she will be to you.



Hello Charlie!

I am a newbie myself , but already very comfortable here so Welcome! ;)




I've never bumped a 6 year old thread before but at the Saugus Swap Meet in Santa Clarita, CA I bought Harry H. Birkby's WW2 duffel bag. I found this thread while trying to research the name and am hoping that frcharlie (Charles H. Birkby) will still be contactable after so many years. I've sent him a PM but if anyone else might know of a way to contact him that would be fantastic. My uncle (well, great uncle) was a Marine during WW2 who died in a Japanese prison camp so I especially want to be able to return this bag to the rightful owner and get it to his nephew.





Welcome to the forum. It was great getting your email, explaining why you wanted to be part of this forum. I was so surprised and pleased when I saw the photos of the duffel bag. Where in the world did you find it?


Steven, I hope we can get in touch with him too. It has been six years, but you never know. Stranger things have happened on this forum. I think we must be charmed, well at least we have a few guardian angels hovering overhead.


Hello Charlie!

I am a newbie myself , but already very comfortable here so Welcome!




Funny to think of our Dogdaddy as a newbie!!

:waving: Ya, I didn't even think about that.


What's funny too is to think that a post on our forum could be SIX years old. WOW, where has the time flown. Incredible.


I can remember talking with a few people and we were wondering if we'd ever get to 20 members. That was a real dream. Heck, I wondered if the forum was just a passing fancy and...

Houston we have lift-off!


I was able to reach FRCharlie and he has contacted Steven. Will let everyone know what transpires.


Wow, can't believe we made contact after six long years. What a week it's been on the forum. Call me happy!

LOL, I thought the same thing about Jim... guess everyone was new at one time or another.


Can't wait to hear more of this story!!

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