Full Version: 48th Combat Engineers Reunion 2006
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Pat Currier with Helen Jonah




I signed the large welcome poster. Tried to get as close as possible to Al Kincer's name. :D


The entire poster


Frank & Helen West


Dawn and Scott Ed Seibolt & Cathy, the sponsors


My friend John sent this to me the other day. Happy to share it with you:


The following poem was given to me at the 1108th Combat Engineer Group reunion in August 2007, by Frank West, 235th Regiment, Co C. Frank sat with the idea of writing a poem on combat engineers, and was surprised how quickly the words poured out once he got started. The words just flowed out me, he declared. I don't even know where they came from! John




The Combat Engineer - Frank West


The way is blocked, and the tanks are stopped

And that's not good at all.

So, we'll sweep the roads and blast it too

And build a bridge to get them through.

We do our job, and do it well

Even though it's done in Hell.

The engineers are here to stay

No matter what the others say.

Trouble is our middle name

And combat is our game.

We lead the way, and save the day

We keep them going in no small way.

They're on the move

Because the engineers are in the groove.

We show them all, how it's done

And keep the enemy on the run.

So pass the word to friend and foe

That the engineers are on the go.

Now raise your glass and drink the wine

To all our friends we left behind.

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