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Al Kincer just sent me this info today regarding yet another (hooray) 48th Combat Engineers Reunion in 2006. Guess what? It will be held here in Michigan, so if all goes well and we are all blessed with health and good fortunes, I should be able to attend and meet everyone.


Here is the scoop for 2006! :pdt34:


Am delighted to report that the 48th Combat Engineers are having another reunion in 2006. 2005 was going to be there last but...


The best news (at least for me) is that is will be here in Port Huron, Michigan. Yeah. Sure hope the dates will coincide with my calendar.


The LAST 1108th Reunion is to take place at:


Port Huron Michigan

September 7-10, 2006.

Thomas Edison Inn, 500 Thomas Edison Parkway. Port Huron Mich. 48060



Pat Currier, 5030 Belle River Dr., China Mich. 48054

810 765 7226


Alfred Kincer, 11011 Bar X Trail Helotes TX 78023

210 695 5077


Max Jonah, 941 925 7462



Here's the scoop with some added info from Al Kincer:



I came upon this bit of "order of battle" this morning. It shows the makeup of the 1108 Engr. © Group near the end of the war. AL


Engineer Section, IV Corps


- 48th Engineer Combat Battalion

- 1108th Engineer Combat Group

- Headquarters and Headquarters Company

- 23rd Italian Engineer Combat Battalion [att]

- 235th Engineer Combat Battalion

- 255th Engineer Combat Battalion

- 337th Engineer Combat Battalion

- 401st Engineer Combat Battalion

- 1029th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

- 3rd Platoon, 2916th Engineer Camouflage Company

- 4th Platoon, 2916th Engineer Camouflage Company



1108 Engineer © Group Reunion in Dayton Ohio. The 2006 Reunion will be in Port Huron MI. Sept 10.. Lt/Col Joe Foley CO 48th Engineers is seated second from left.


Yeah!!! Guess what? I am going tomorrow. Am so excited. :pdt12: I had forgot it was coming up so soon this weekend. Al wrote to me and asked if I was going. YIKES! Thought it was next weekend. So I am driving there on Sat afternoon to meet all the guys. Al will not be able to make it and that makes me very sad. :(


It's about a 2 and half hour drive from my house, so not bad at all. Will spend the night there and come home on Sunday. Can't wait. I will be meeting everyone for the first time, so this will be interesting.

You hang out with the Nicest People!... Have a great time! :pdt34:




Jim :woof:

Wish I could be there with you, WE would lift a big one. :drinkin: Love AL

You will be there in spirit. I will have your stories and photos there too! I am bringing my 48th Combat Engineers Ike jacket, along with photos of the man it belonged to and his buddies photos. I'm sure they will be a big hit!!




Hugs, M


Wish you could be there too! :(

Dang it, Al made me cry happy tears. He just sent me an email that said I had a hotel room reserved and paid for. I am such a lucky woman to have friends like you. You guys take such good care of me. I will never forget your kindness and generosity.


Here's to you Al and the members of the 48th!!!!! :drinkin::drinkin:



Had a wonderful time. Got there and of course I didn't know anyone, but that didn't last long. When I got to the hotel, the lady behind the desk said to meet Max and Helen at their room. So went up, knocked on the door, and the conversation took off. Got there in time for cocktails and dinner and had fun meeting the others on and off during the night.


Dawn and Scott were the hosts this year and did a bang-up job on getting things organized and providing fun for all. B) This included having an awesome piano player and singer who knew virtually any old tune you could think of. He was a riot and had the whole crowd going. A nice touch.


Later many of us met in the hospitality suite on the 3rd floor and that was a lot of fun too. That's where I got to talk to many of the guys and their kids. More personal. Shared the things that I brought and things that they brought.


Think I stayed up too late and maybe had one beer too many. :drinkin::drinkin: After all had to toast to Al and all the other vets who were and weren't there. A fantastic night. Felt like I knew many of these people for a long time.


Had time in the morning to meet again with a few of the folks and snap a few photos.


OH BTW, they ARE MEETING again next year. They said that life was too short and that if they could, they would be there. Why not enjoy each other's company and meet old friends. I couldn't agree more! :drinkin::drinkin:


Ed Seibolt & Cathy in back


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