Full Version: Get Well Tony Stefanelli! - 36th Engineer
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Wonderful news!

I am passing along the information, from Carl Stefanelli, son of Tony Stefanelli, 36th Combat Engineer, WWII. He has been through an ordeal with the flu, but is coming out smelling like roses! Not bad for a man over 100 years old. Go Tony. Definitely staying rugged!

Hugs, Marion

Tony Stefanelli receiving award.jpg

If there is a rugged man alive, it's him!!


Stay healthy!

Oh that's for sure. Look up rugged in the dictionary. Did you see his pic? :-) 

Tony is still doing well, but thought I would update everyone. All the best to you Tony! We love ya!

This is from his son, Carl:




This is to let you know that Tony has relocated to the NJ State Veterans Home in Paramus, NJ.  The reason for the transfer was to get better medical care.  Previously he was at the CareOne assisted living facility, which was fine.  However, he really needs more medical attention than they can provide.  The  Veterans Home has a very large staff of full time RNs, physicians and aids [per patient].  


Tony is in good shape now.  However, he is very weak and confined to a wheel chair.  Otherwise he is alert and mostly with it.  In the early evening, when he is tired, he tends to get confused.


The Veterans home was highly recommended by 2 friends who have people living there.  In fact, I have been impressed by the facility and the staff.  Tony should also find it easier to socialize since it is 90% men, vs 90% women at the assisted living place.


The address is:

Paramus Veterans Home




Glad to hear he is still doing well. Pretty darn tough for an old guy!

Indeed. Not bad for 102!!!!!