Full Version: Remembering Aug 15, 1944 - The invasion of southern France
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Let us pay homage to all the men and women who took part in Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France, that took place on this day, August 15, 1944. Let us remember their sacrifices and all they did to bring freedom back to the world.


If your loved ones took part in this, please list their names below. So many people remember Normandy, but too few pay tribute to, or even remember August 15th!


Here's to my father and the 540th Combat Engineers!











Great new topic . So little has been published about this area/time of WWII.

Oh that's for sure. You say something to someone about it and they just give you a blank stare. Not enough recognition is given to the guys who landed on Aug 15th. History pretty much blew them off. Everyone remembers Normandy and it's referred to as D-Day, so I have to keep reminding people that there were MANY D-Days during the war, including all the campaigns in the Pacific and throughout Europe. Just ask the guys who slugged it out for over four months at Anzio!

My grandfather, LTC John C. O'Brien landed on THAT D-day (oh, and 4 others)! Thank you, Marion, for the reminder. I am embarrassed to say I had forgotten the anniversary.





Bravo my friend. Here's to your grandad, who was in the 540th with my dad!