Full Version: Farewell Don Walters - 36th Engineer
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Ah, two within a few days of each other. This is such a sad part of my job.


I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting him at our reunions. My sincere condolences to Donna and her husband Jim and their family.




Marion don't know if u received my e-mail my father passed away on Monday . The funeral is tomorrow he is having a military funeral. He went very peaceful. Donna Mong


Photos are as follows:

Don and Tim Prater
Don with his captured Nazi flag
Donna sitting with her dad at dinner





Rest in peace Sir, thank you for your service.

Wasn't fortunate enough to really get to know him at the reunions, however, he raised up a special girl. He lives on in her.


Hugs to Donna & Jim

Indeed! :pdt12:

Yes, it is sad how often these notifications come. Rest in peace, sir!

With frequent regularity! Sigh!