Full Version: The passing of Howard Huebner - 82nd Airborne Div
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I regret to inform you, that my beloved friend, Howard Huebner, passed away on Feb 8, 2013. You can read this - article/obit



I can't believe I never posted this here, nor updated his web page. How could this be? It became apparent when I was contacted by a trustee on the board for the Patton Museum. Pete asked if I could contact Howard and ask his permission to place his WWII memoirs in the museum. I told him that Howard passed away, but I would contact his wife. It's then I realize I had not updated his page, nor posted his passing on the here. Oh dear! :tearyeyed:


Howard and I became very good friends through my local buddy Ellen and her late husband. I got to meet him in person and man, what a great guy.


My condolences to Betty (his wife) and to his entire family and friends.