Full Version: Farewell Charlie Kassebohm - 36th Combat Engineer
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Here's to Charlie Kassebohm, 36th Combat Engineer WWII, dear friend, compassionate and loving soul and Mr "purple jacket". You will be missed my dear friend, but never, never forgotten. You had such a gentle heart and warm and wonderful smile. It was great to be able to call you friend. God rest your soul.


Love forever, Marion


In first pic, Charlie in on left with Tom and Bob Nokes (both have also passed away)


in second pic, Charlie is pictured with Tom Nokes




So sad to hear this news Marion. I was lucky and honored to meet and spend time with Charlie and found him a warm and interesting man.

You will not be forgotten my friend.



More pics...







Charlie during the war


Charlie was a kind of a quiet guy, but I always enjoyed talking to him and reminiscing about our time with the 36th and of the great reunions of the past. See the pictures posted by Margi Johnson of him at one of the reunions. Charlie missed the last couple of the reunions, but was not forgotten. He will be missed. Carl Furtado

"Dad", good to hear from you. Thanks for your comments regarding our dear Charlie. He was a peach of a guy and I know everyone felt the same way about him. :heartpump:

Post from Lorraine Hudock...



Oh Charlie!
I loved that purple blazer he wore to the banquet the last few years.
Also, I like to remember the last year that he drove himself to the reunion. He was stopped on the Turnpike doing 90 mph. The officer noticed his Anzio cap & asked if he'd been there. After Charlie replied that he had been there, the officer thanked him for his service, told him to please slow down & to have a nice day.
Such a sweet & modest man. The world is a poorer place.



From John Fallon of the 36th...


Charlie has left us to join with all our own old seahorse friends. He had a great smile, may he rest in peace.


Remembering Charlie Kassebohm...


Charlie was the classic example of why we say our WW ll Vets are the Greatest Generation. He was kind, witty, hard working, humble and brave. What an honor to sit and reminisce with him at the 36th Combat Engineer Reunions. Charlie was a special Seahorse and brought sunshine to all.


Stay Rugged Charlie, You will always hold a special place in my heart

May You Always Rest in Peace

Margi Johnson & Family

That is very sweet. Yes, you are right, he was all of the above and more. Thanks for remembering him and sharing your feelings with all our readers.

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