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Hey guys and gals! Let me know what you think about our new VI Corps Logo.


Was inspired when I was contacted by Judy Vladimir and asked to become a co-sponsor. Here's part of the letter, which was posted elsewhere on our site.



I am writing to you as we hope that you will be a Promotional Co-Sponsor of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County’s upcoming conference, From Generation to Generation: The Legacy Continues ~ An Event Honoring Holocaust Survivors, Liberators, Righteous Among the Nations and Their Descendants on June 8 at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY...



Anyway, they needed a high-res logo and lo and behold, I realized that I actually didn't have one that I could share for this purpose (uh duh, Marion) and so sat down this morning and came up with this design, which I sent to Judy just a few minutes ago.


Hubby really liked it to, which means a lot to me, for I usually run my projects by him, for his very discerning eye!


Wow, nice work!

Hey thanks Mikel and thanks for your email regarding the veterans, this week. I DO appreciate your fine efforts.

Good Morning Marion,


I love it! But I wonder if one of those photos could be at an earlier stage and of a much less sophisticated bridge building project. I understand that you have to have the rights to use the photographs.


I wonder if Christoph would have an idea?


You really are a great artist - that is quite a compelling logo - it draws you in and it makes you analyze each part of it. What a great honor to your Dad!



Those pics are specific, for they are actual VI Corps photos given to me by veterans. I really don't want to change anything, for I've already submitted it for use as a co-sponsor logo for a Holocaust organization. :pdt: One photo depicts the building of a bridge by the 36th Engineers.

I hope that didn't come across the wrong way. Sometimes it's difficult to get the feeling across in a few words on a forum. Know what I mean?

Marion, what you wrote to me was perfect - never worry!


I actually love the logo, all parts of it, and I think both bridges capture your attention and because of the angle of the photo they take you into the photo. You know you are being led into something that is ahead - your site or what the logo appears on. I think they are dynamite pictures and what a connection because of how you received them.


I am not sure that the kind of picture I was thinking of this morning would have the same pull or drama - actually the more I think of it, I am certain it would not. The photos you used make me think of 'Engineers and Engineering."


Your logo is really a great piece of art - I will try to print it out.





I do love it - and will try to print it



I came back on the site, and now see I left a straggler at end of post. Just ignore.


But I came back to say that I thought you were asking for suggestions. So I tried to come up with something.


I actually do not think you could improve upon this logo - ever!


If there was a logo contest, I bet you would win!


It really is quite extraordinary - as are you!



Thank you Jean. Maybe I left that hanging with the way I worded it. LOL! Ya, I just wanted to show it to my gang before I started using it. Was giving you guys a sneak preview before incorporating it into the website, forum, letterhead, etc.


As you know I have thousands of photos now, so it was a tough choice, but I needed ones that looked good at low and high resolution and just as good as a wall poster as it would as a teeny banner on someone's site. So each image needed to be sharp, have enough contrast and be visually attractive in composition.


But I DID understand the concept you were going for and that does make sense. You have a good head on your shoulders!

Hey Marion, I just wanted to say, as soon as the logo started to download (somewhat slowly on ship) I thought - hey that's different!! It looks great! Good job!


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