Full Version: 36th Engineers at Fedela, 19 November 42
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I am looking for information about the 36th Engineer's operations at Fedela after the initial invasion. I need data re: operating the port and the D+5 convoy. I know that Company C was in Fedela, but I am looking for reports, first hand accounts and especially photos of the port and the work there.


I am a historian working on a book about a freighter that called at Fedela on 18 Nomber 1942, a part of the first followup convoy to the invasion: S.S. SANTA MARGARITA. She was carrying ammunition, gasoline in cans, 90MM AA guns, trucks etc I know the name of the ship may not be mentioned, but activities will be..


Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.




Theron P. Snell, Ph.D

Have you viewed my documentary, No Bridge Too Far, yet? Chapter two deals with the North Africa landings.


You can also check out all the uploaded documentation regarding the 36th on their history page: