Full Version: 36th/540th Reunion - September 11-14, 2014
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Well it looks like there WILL BE another reunion in 2014. Great news!


Everything is in the works right now. Looks like a possible October date, but nothing is in stone right now. A good possibility that it will take place on the east coast. Many of the vets live out that way, so it would be nice for them.


If all is well, I plan on attending, as does Colin (our buddy from England), so good lord providing, we will toast to the vets, yet another time.


Keep tuned for more info as it comes our way.


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Can I add to the above M1 by saying how pleased I am to see the possibilites already being examind for 2014. I live east of the east coast, so it suits me fine as well !!

A lot of months to cross off the calendar, but the wait will be worthwhile.



Alas, I sit west of the West Coast so I don't think I would be able to make it again. I will, as always, look forward to stories and pictures. Do you shoot any video at these things?

Yes, we do. I will soon have video to share from last year, including yours truly singing with the 40's band.

Plans are shaping up. John Fallon is working with the mayor, etc, to drum up donation to help cover expenses this year, since the rates are much higher than they were in Lebanon PA. I will also be starting an online donation campaign, and will hopefully have it up and running by mid-April.


We staying at the Windrift Hotel in Avalon, NJ, which is right on the shore and a few miles from the American Legion Hall in Stone Harbor. To reserve a room, say you are with the Veterans of Avalon, in order to receive your discounted rate of $175.00 per night. Phone number of hotel is:




Reunion dates are:


Thursday, Sept 11 through Sunday, Sept 14 in Avalon/ Stone Harbor, NJ, but several of us are arriving early (Tues/Wed), so join us as soon as you can.


Events will be held at the American Legion Hall. John Fallon is a local member and lives nearby.



Stay tuned for news as it becomes available, as everything is still in the working stages.




Map of area with major airports, the hotel and the American Legion

Looking forward to Reunion 2015!!

Oh good and there will be one, one way or another. We have to keep the spirit alive for all who are interested in the history of our fathers and grandfathers.

This is so cool. I was looking around for entertainment, and the first thing I found was, the Avalon Community Hall is featuring a BIG BAND DANCE, the last night of the reunion. I still can't believe that. Must be karma! What a perfect end to a weekend for the "boys". Now wouldn't that be fun?


I wrote a letter and asked them to get back with me. Can't wait to get a reply.

GREAT news. Wound up getting three-bedroom condo at the same Winddrift Hotel. This will act as our communal meeting room/hospitality suite. Here's the scoop on the condo.


Room Features

  • Full Kitchen
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • DVD Player
  • Balcony
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Two bathrooms
  • Living and Dining room

Two of us are arriving at the hotel on Tuesday the 9th, with others arriving on Wed and Thursday, so if you can get away early, don't wait until Thursday or Friday and come enjoy the Jersey Shore with us!


We are a very relaxed group and generally play everything by ear. We don't punch clocks and have guided tours, etc. It's basically a meet, eat, great and several day party. We are a fun-loving group who loves to chat and laugh and enjoy our surroundings. We will have a formal dinner on Sat and usually go out to a nice dinner Friday evening.

In 90 days time (9th September 2014) I will be arriving from the UK in Newark, NJ on my way to the 36th/540th Reunion in Stone Harbour. Once again it will be my honour and pleasure to meet veterans, relatives and friends of these very special men who fought for us in WW2.

The locattion, venues and company are set fair to make this a great get-together!


Colin. :smwave:

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