Full Version: 36th/540th Reunion - September 11-14, 2014
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Here, here!

Here's a letter from John Fallon with more details.

Letter form John Fallon April 2014.pdf

I dont think it needs to be the last reunion, although the wording may need to be changed. We could continue to keep the memory alive of these veterans as long as a number of friends and relatives want to get together. Some are still with us and although each year there are fewer, perhaps other people connected with the 36th/540th would feel the same? I realise as a guest my thoughts might not carry much weight but I would like to hear what others think on this?



Oh I entirely agree. It's NOT the last reunion, for I plan on keeping this going as long as I can. As stated in many earlier posts since almost the beginning of this forum, we may combine several engineer units and celebrate WWII engineers, with their family and friends. Seahorses will be remembered forever.


Thank you Colin for your continued support, belief and enthusiasm.

Getting all my 40's outfits together. Bought a few more, including another dress and two rompers/jumpers. So cute. And two pairs of shoes. I am ready for everything, including a Saturday night dance with a big band.

GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN for the 2014 veteran's reunion. It went live today, July 28, 2014


36th Combat Engineer WWII Reunion 2014





We, the sons and daughters of the WWII "Rugged Seahorses" and other dedicated parties, are setting up this funding campaign in order to offset some of the expenses of this year's reunion. The remaining WWII veterans are in their 90's and every year their numbers are unfortunately and sadly dwindling.


This year we're expecting about a half dozen veterans, along with their families, and we'd like to pay our respects and show them a wonderful time in September. They only have a few hundred dollars left in their reunion fund, so we are hoping that you will make a generous donation today. This will not only help to defray some expenses but your kindness will help make this a an even more memorable occasion for the attendees. Do I hear an Andrew Sisters trio singing to "the boys"?


This is a very special group of men, who still live life to the fullest, love to have fun and have true hearts of gold. They gave their all for their country and are very proud to have served in World War II. Their campaigns spanned from North Africa in 1942 to Sicily, Italy, Southern France and finally the long trek into Germany in 1945.


I hope you will take the time to visit the VI Corps website dedicated to them and to visit the photo gallery, which not only includes photos from the war, but from previous reunions, 1946 to present.


This video clip was filmed at one of the reunions. It features Carl Furtado and Tony Stefanelli, talking about their WWII experiences. We're sure you'll enjoy this personal glimpse from two of the men who will be in attendance the second week of September.


With gratitude and love,

The proud sons and daughters

Wowzeeeeee! We have raised $300.00 in just a few days. So thrilled. Many thanks to everyone who's sent in a kind donation. Won't the vets be thrilled when they find out about this campaign in September. HUGS!!!!


I'm so pleased to see your efforts are going well Marion. Thanks are due to all those who are helping with the fundraising. The vets already owe you a lot and I'm very proud to be associated with this years reunion.

Just to tease you I'm planning a small suprise of my own !!



Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. Did I tell ya that "I can't wait?" :pdt12: :pdt12: :pdt12:

Just received another $100.00 donation. Oh my God, this is so wonderful. Feeling very blessed and very excited about the prospects. :huggybears:

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