Full Version: 245th Engineer Combat Battalion, U.S. Third Army
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Hello all,

I'm glad to have found this forum. My grandfather was a member of the 245th Engineer Combat Battalion, XX Corps, U.S. Third Army during WWII. I have a website dedicated to them at I'm particularly interested in learning about the equipment and organization of the various engineer battalions that served in Europe during WWII.


Hi Greg:


I placed a link to your website on our main site. It can now be found here:


Let's see what transpires.

Oh here's a list I compiled a while ago on the various engineer units who served in WWII.


There's also a ton of info on this page:


Some is very specific to other units, but many of the links give an overview of engineers which you may find very helpful.

Oh my, there are some nice 245th photos on ebay but they're pricey. Maybe they'd take a reasonable offer?

Agreed. I think that is super pricey and way too greedy! If I had tons of money, I would jump on it, but that's way out of my league.