Full Version: Bidding on combat eng's Ike jacket
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How cool is this people? A friend send me an email this morning letting me know about a combat engineer's Ike jacket up for bid. Read it to my hubby and he said go for it. So wish me luck. One day left. Fingers crossed, even though I'm NOT superstitious! ;)




ORIGINAL WW2 COMBAT ENGINEER UNIFORM 48TH BATTALION. Bought from local veterans estate. Corporal served with the 48th Engineer combat battalion in the ETO. Ike jacket just as found hanging in a closet for decades. Has 1944 dated spec tag, size 36R. Has 2nd Corps and 7th Army patches, engineer seahorse patch on chest pocket, corporal stripes, 4 overseas bars. Looks like it has a discharge patch at one time. Comes with 2 period photos of buddies and a foreign bank note. Has some scattered mothing but not too bad, a dry cleaning probably is in order, displays well, name of veteran will be given to winner as well as a copy of his photo from his unit history.

I got it! I got it! Here is the jacket I won. :pdt34:


OH WOW! BIG Congrats on this, Marion! :drinkin: Starting to collect militariua now as well! :lol:


What a great auction to win! I am sure you will be a proud custodian of that piece! Hopefully yo will be able to find out more about the man who wore it as well!?

Indeed! I will know the engineer's name and well will be receiving the photos too. My buddy Al Kincer of the same unit will help me to authenticate. Of course I will share my news as soon as the package arrives. :D

Wowser. That does look fine. And you got some documents with it.


The patches provide a good history. II Corps in Italy on his RIGHT shoulder and then transferred to 9th Army(Left Shoulder).


I'm surprised that I didn't see this one. I am usually the 'friend' who bugs you with these items I see on eBay. I've seen a few this week but forgot what and where. I'm on the lookout for a nice "chocolate" Officer's tunic, but I can't decide if I want one with history like yours or buy a plain one and add the insignia to "build" my own.



I took my latest IKE jackt purchase to show off at our Military Collector's Club meeting. I bought this jacket in a little store in the LA area.

I was checking the lining for a dated tag and found a laundry tag that had my name on it!! This jacket was meant for me!!


IKE Jacket with SHAEF and 15 Army Group patches.


This lapel pin is from my collection and waiting for right owner!Acctualy -Marion!

So, chief i only can say-this look much better in reality, you will see.

Regards Le Kid


Ooo-weee! What a great pin! I will see huh? Gee, now you have me wondering...


Say, did you ever get my surprise gift in the mail? I sent it about two months ago. Please tell me you got it! I am going to be really bummed if it got lost in the long trip overseas. :(

Beautiful Jeacket, Custerman!!!!

Marion, i have not recieved any mail from you!Two month's? My God! :banghead:

BTW Jacket(on picture) is a real beauty!Congrats!!!

What you say about this piece from my collection-Army Air Force Vest Type C-1?


I've heard it's a very rare.Is it? I'm waiting for some information ...


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