Full Version: Bidding on combat eng's Ike jacket
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Marion, i have not recieved any mail from you!  Two month's? My God!


Oh now I am bummed. I had a little surprise for you and sent it in a box about the size of a video tape. Well I guess someone else is enjoying your present. :(


I shall not give up and will try again. It will still be a surprise, but... It's a little something for your collection.


I will let you know when I resend it so you can be on the lookout. I will also confirm your address when I do so.


What you say about this piece from my collection-Army Air Force Vest Type C-1?


I've heard it's a very rare.Is it? I'm waiting for some information ...


I will see what I can find out. I am sure our other members will try and come up with some further info too.


BTW, thanks. I am very excited about receiving my Ike. My first major acquisition. :pdt34:


Your photo was dark, so at first I thought this was a Viet Nam-era USAF vest made out of nylon. But I edited your photo so I could see details and it doesn’t appear to be that type.

I found a vest just like yours on eBay: Item number: 6538681144. He thinks it was made between WW1 and WW2 but I don’t believe that. The US Air Force (organized in 1947) still used the Star and Wings insignia from WW2 era. However, his vest does have “Army Air Forces†printed on it which does signify pre-1947.

Here is another one just like yours on eBay listed for $75: Item number: 6539573592. That doesn't mean that is the value of it. But keep an eye on it to see how the bidding ends.



Speaking of your new purchase, that brings up a question. What became of your Father's uniform and/or insignia, patches and such??? Did he save it and pass it along to someone in the family??




Speaking of your new purchase, that brings up a question. What became of your Father's uniform and/or insignia, patches and such? Did he save it and pass it along to someone in the family??


I haven't the foggiest. I wish I had his uniform, but sadly I do not. I do know that mom gave away my dad's Luger and German officer's sword when he died. She didn't even confer with me. Been trying for years to ascertain what happened to them. Maybe someone from the family will let on someday. I do not know. :(


If you've read my dad's page and viewed the photo page, then you will see his patches and ribbons, etc., along with his photos from the ETO. That I did have and still cherish to this day. That is how I was able to put this site together. Just amazing.


I received the Ike jacket this morning. Arrived just as he stated along with photos and a photocopy of the page from his outfit with his photo and name. His is Corporal Coviello.


I will place all the info on the forum, but not tonight. Too exhausted! :unsure:


I tried on the jacket as soon as I got it. Lee said, boy that looks small. It's still a bit big, but doesn't fit too bad. I was in seventh heaven. I am still smiling. :pdt12:

Marion (worldwide known as Le Gal ! ),

Someone else enjoy in my present? What a Bingo for him!I'm sorry to hear that!

We must find safe way for presents!i have some friends who live in Canada and U.S.A. Some of them will came to me ,very soon, maybe i can send presents to you via friends? I'll try for sure! :pdt34:


Dear Custermen, thanks for information,picture is a very dark,that's true,

there is no any nylon stuff on vest, maybe those pictures can help, i don't intrested in value, only in period, because i don't want trade with pieces from collection,esspecially U.S. made, one day (maybe in my 80's)i'll return them where

they belong-U.S.A.-possibly the most beautiful place on the Earth! :pdt34:


Le Gal here! :D I just got a confirmation email from Al Kincer of the 48th Combat Engineers:


Ernest M. Coviello, 188---22 Palo Alto Ave., Hollis, Long Island, N.Y. S-1 Section 48 Engrs.


Yee-haw! I am going to send him copies of the photos to see if he is able to identify any of Ernest's buddies. This is really something.


The first scan is of Communications, S-3, S-1 (that's Caviello seated in the middle) and S-2. This is taken from the 48th's book.


These are two photos that were also sent with the jacket and are friends of Corporal Caviello's. I am hoping that Al or any of his friends will be able to identify these men from the 48th.


Great!! You found the jacket's owner. Cool.


Too bad that they weren't wearing IKE jackets in those photos. Then you could say you had a photo of the owner wearing that jacket. Keep looking. Al may find something.



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