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It's not all that clear to me if the Topic Title or Topic description accurately describes the genesis of my interest. That is, will what is posted elicit useful information. As might be noticed, this is my first attempt, at posting on a site of this type, so please bear with me.


My research is currently focused on unit histories or any other informed sources that would shed some light on the 250th Engineer Combat Bn during the period 14 August 1943 to 8 December 1943. According to World War II Order of Battle reference book, Authored by Shelby L. Stanton, notes on page 574 that the 250th Engineer Combat Bn was formed on 23 July 1943 at Camp McCoy, Wisconson.



In the Camp McCoy newspaper, The Real McCoy dated 14 August 1943, an article titled 250th Engineers appeared on page 3. The McCoy article stated the "The 250th Engineer Combat Battalion has arrived" and further indicated that the Battalion was "a part of the 1109th Engineer Combat Group of the 17th Detachment, Second Army". The 250th Battalion was under the Command of Major Andrew J. Nehf. The Executive Officer was listed as Captain Joseph W. Wilson. Lt William V. Webb was Adjutant and S-1. The article went on to say that "the Companies of have a full complement of Officers"


A review of the Chronoligical Record of Military Service for Lt William V. Webb indicates that he was Adjutant from 1 June 1943 to 23 September 1943. From 24 September 1943 to 15 October 1943 his duties were that of Assistant Division Engineer (During this period Grade Status for Lt Webb changed on 6 October 1943 to Captain). Captain Webb's final Duty assignment was H/S Company Commander from 16 October 1943 to 8 December 1943. Captain Webb's next Duty assignment was the 168th Engineer Combat Bn.


There several questions that are of interest; 1) To which Divison does the period 24 September to 15 October refer. 2) What is known about unit histories, during the time period above described, of Both the 1109th Engineer Combat Group, the 250th Engineer Battalion. 3) The source of any information that might be useful in understanding the events surrounding the 250th Engineer Combat Bn


It might be of interest to know that I was born at Fort Belvior and my Grand Father, Mothers side, was with the Corps for 30 years.

Hello and welcome. I placed several links, as well as some other information regarding the 250th and 1109th, with your other post.


It's great to have you as a new member. We look forward to assisting and chatting with you.

I work with CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Indiana. One of our survivors, Mr. Michael Kor, was 18 years old when he was liberated by the 250th. It was Lt. Col. Andrew Nehf, from Terre Haute, who was in command of the 250th. Because Lt. Col. Nehf made the profound choice to help Mickey Kor come to the United States, his life was forever changed.


Mickey is now 88. He survived being taken to the Riga Ghetto and was one of 4,000 men who survived the selections made to liquidate that very ghetto when the massacres in the Rumbula Forest took place. He survived another smaller massacre of 500 people in the ghetto, was eventually taken by transport to Stuthoff and then survived Stuthoff - of which 50% of the prisoners did not. From there he was in three other camps performing forced labor. I truly regard him as the luckiest man on Earth.


By his memory, his liberation was in April of 1945 near Magdeburg, after escaping a death march from Buchenwald. He was hiding in an abandoned structure, heard voices, and didn't recognize the language - he just knew it wasn't German, so he came out with his hands up. It was the soldiers of the 250th. They cleaned him up, gave him clean clothing, and as Mickey says it, his first taste of freedom, a cold bottle of Coca-Cola. Although the article does say that Mickey is 85, he is actually 88. The museum has discovered a transport list to Stuthoff that lists his birth year as 1925. He says he can be 85 if he wants, since the Nazis stole time from him. :-)


I would like to establish locations for the 250th in late March and April of 1945 in order to "link" them with Mickey in as accurate way as possible.


The article I've linked gives information about Lt. Col. Nehf's daughter, Chris Chesley, now living in Chicago. The museum does have photos of Mickey with Lt. Col. Nehf from circa 1945.

Oh my, what a horrible beginning to the story, with a very happy ending. I can't imagine how he lived through all that, and certainly can't imagine his joy and surprise at being liberated by a group of American engineers. What an inspiring post this was.


Let me see what I can find out for that YOUNG 85! year old. So sweet. Yes, it would be nice to gain three more years, wouldn't it? :pdt12:


Give him hugs from all of us. Can't wait to hear and see more. I will read the article too.


Thanks for joining. All the best, M1


Here is a link to a video that a group of middle school students did about Mickey. It's very sweet.

I always check ebay for 284th "stuff" and I see that someone is selling a bunch of 250th photos. Some are named, some are not but I thought that I'd mention it just in case anyone is interested!

Thanks for that info. I will take a look.

Good luck and let me know if you find anything really interesting, well they're all interesting but you know what I mean.


I've been finding a lot of letters on ebay lately as well. The trick was to know what APO box to search for. I've even found some from my dad's buddy that he was always with during the war. It is amazing what turns up on ebay......

Oh that is super. Your dad's buddy. That is fantastic. Guess I will have to keep my eyes open for the same type of thing.

I have three photos showing the 250th arriving in New York Harbor at the end of the war. on board the SS COSTA RICA VICTORY. I bought them on ebay; I bought three; two others, showing mostly troops, went to another bidder. I was more interested in the three I bought because they showed the harbor and not the men. I cannot attach them because each file to too big.


The 250th trained at Camp McCoy, WI. The unit on which I wrote my Ph.d thesis, the 978th Engineer Maintenance Company, trained there at the same time. As I think you know, the Camp McCoy newspaper, THE REAL McCoy, carried stories written by the un its stationed at the post.


According to the 978th's unofficial history, the 978th ran into both the 250th and 251st in Holland and Germany.


QUESTION: Can you tell me the name of the ship on which they sailed to the ETO AND THE DATE they sailed?





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