Full Version: Combined 36th/540th Engineer Reunion 2011
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All set. Here's the photo link for the 36th Engineer 2011 Reunion

It was such a good time! I have all of the pictures, but I still couldn't help flipping through them again - like when you watch a movie on TV you know you have on DVD! Can't wait until next year. Hopefully I won't have to phone in from Afghanistan!

When I joined this forum in 2004 it was on the strength of googling Operation Husky, Sicily, 1943. I did'nt realise then what an important part of my life the 36th/540th Combat Engineers would become. I have learnt a lot, added massivly to my circle of friends, visited the USA and most important of all met WWII veterans, families and friends who have accepted this "limey" into their lives and organisation.

This years reunion was even better than the first I attended in 2010 and I'm already making arrangements for 2012! I even have my two week break in the US in September organised with a stay on Rhode Island with veteran Carl Furtado.

I cannot finish this post without mentioning Marion who really started this all off for me and to whom I will be eternally grateful. To a WWII researcher her website (dedicated as it is to her Dad) is a priceless asset.


I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


Dear Colin:


Was simply delighted to read your post this morning. I too am SO glad to have made your acquaintance. I would have never imagined getting the chance to meet you in person and to become such good friends. It just goes to show you; you never know what life offers around the next corner...


The only thing I regret about our last meeting, was the fact we were not able to spend a few quiet hours at the airport again.



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