Full Version: Combined 36th/540th Engineer Reunion 2011
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Nine weeks today!!!

Colin. :wave:

Reunion just keeps getting better all the time...


The 36th Brigade has just changed command and Colonel Dave Hill will take over from Col Kent Savre. Colonel Hill has scheduled a visit with all of us and will attend Friday and Saturday. How wonderful. So if all goes well, both Col Savre and Hill will attend.



I'm very much looking forward to it!

Even more news this morning.


Craig Singhaus was the one who arranged to have some re-enactors at last year's reunion. Unfortunately due to his scheduling, he wasn't able to attend himself. However this year, he will be able to join us and not only is he going to be there, but he is looking into arranging a parade through the streets of Lebanon with an array of jeeps, etc.


I talked to Captain John Fallon about this and his enthusiastic response was, "Let's let it all hang out!"


:1028: :1028: :1028: :1028: :1028: :1028:


The tentative plan is to have the parade begin at the hotel Saturday morning at approximately 10. He is going to call the Chamber of Commerce and possibly a local boy scout troop and alert a local newspaper, so we can have people lined up with flags to see the parade of vets and their families.


I told him there was a veteran's park just a block away, and we thought it would be nice to have the vehicles debark there and have a brief ceremony. Sounds great to me.


As you can imagine, I am very, very excited about the prospects! Thanks Craig!!! :wave:






I agree! Kind of the frosting on the cake!



I'm working on COL's Hill David 36th Engineer Brigade Commander travel

order to attend the reunion at PA. In order to do that our system requires

an agenda or invitation to be upload into the system . Dou you have any of

these two? If you do can you email either one of them to me so I can

finishthis process for COL Hill.




SPC Rodriguez Robert

Assistant to the Command Group

36th Engineer Brigade

"Stay Rugged"

Fort Hood, Texas 76544


In response to his request, I created the following attachment. Happy to oblige!

The 36th Engineer Combat Regiment of WWII.pdf



Colin. :pdt34:

Here's a list of attendees - September 2011! Thanks to all who attended and made this a smashing success!


Tony Stefanelli - (36th) and son Carl

John T Fallon - (36th)

Carl Furtado - (36th)

Don Walters - (36th) and daughter Donna Mong

John Zappitello - (36th) and wife Marguerite

Bob Felker - (36th) and daughter Lorraine Huddock

Charles Kassebohm - (36th)

Mike Cassic - (36th) and girlfriend Joan

Iradell Gaylen - (36th) and daughter Margi Johnson and her husband Russ and their two children Clay and Dylan

Gene Gaylen - brother of Iradell and also a WWII veteran

Marion Chard - (daughter of Walter Poniedzialek - 540th) and her daughter Kai-Ann Carney

Colin Hotham - (historian from England and forum member)

Jim Miller - (son of Bill Miller - 36th)

Tim Prater - (son-in-law of George Parnell - 36th)

Todd O'Brien - (grandson of John C O'Brien - 540th)

Joe Sumanski - (son of Frank Szumlanski - 36th (yes the spelling is different))

Colonel David Hill - current commander of the 36th Engineer Brigade

I am almost through uploading approximately 275 images from the reunion. It's taken a long time for I had to run through all the photos and deleted ones which were fuzzy, etc. Then I go through and re-size, change orientation, crop & tweak almost every photo and then re-name each one. So you can see why it takes so long.


Should have them done this evening. Will place link here....


Thanks for your patience!!!

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