Full Version: The Last Mission - A B17 story
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This was posted in our Guestbook today. I sent a reply and told them I would post it on the forum too:




How did you find my website?

searching WWII

Where are you from?


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This website is great and I am glad you don't like spammers. They are a nuisance. We are working on a new film The Last Mission. Check the website-, it is a family faith base WWII story about 2nd chances and forgotten heroes. We would like to invite any veteran or family member to share their stories and or pics. The can go to the website and submit the story/pic or email We have been already talking with The Commemorative Air Force. Kathy




Just went to their website and hope many more of you will too. And if you know of any B-17 crewmembers, or their families, please let them know about the site and the movie.





For those of you who love WWII aircraft as much as ME, make sure you check out the clip on their site - A B17 in a slow taxi down the runway. Oh to be able to sit in that cockpit. Gives me goosebumps!!!

I just wrote to Gary Swanson (see post below), and told him to write to Kathy. This would be SOOOO cool!



post-256-1249850008_thumb.jpg Maybe he thought he would slip in on them on the way back from a raid...!!!

Captured B17s were primarily used to train German fighter pilots how to approach them, how to ram them (later in the war) and how to avoid their fields of fire.


And that coming from an Armor guy ... :wildwestdude:



Received this from Kathy, yesterday:




Marion, Please re-visit our website for "The Last Mission" movie. We have it set up for veterans and their families to submit stories and/or photos. Click on the B-17 Missions and Photos for more info. We believe this is a "Oscar winning movie". Our country needs to come back to reality and remember the people who have kept our Country safe. May God continue to bless America even though some have chose not to include him.



Kathy Hardt