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What's your opinioin about Cristina Aguilera-s music video Candyman?

Nice, she even looks like Rosie the Riveteer.

Btw, you know it is her three times on stage (as brunette, redhead and blonde)?


I'm no fan of hers, but this video is nice.


Btw, did you notice the B-17 flying past in the clip?



B-17? Ther is too many leggs,pal , i missed B-17 :pdt12:

Did someone mention the Andrews Sisters :pdt12: Yes, it's very nice music video with all those Cristinas!

I made a deep analize, you're right she is triplicated!

Have to admit I haven't seen it. Don't catch many music videos anymore. Too many other things going on. Guess I am getting out of the loop. Will try and catch it though.
:armata_PDT_37: Damn good song I've downloaded the video some months ago and watch it from time to time, but like Misha I didn't see the B17 :armata_PDT_23:

I like the song but especially the video


The song was inspired by the 1941 Andrews Sisters hit "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"


The songs of the Andrews sisters are my preferred




Véronique ;)

Véronique, you are correct.

It is inspired by the Andrew Sisters.


I personally like Glenn Miller for when it is quiet in the evening; Pennsylvania 6500, In the mood, Moonlight Serenade, etc.

(And to wake 'em up, I play Saint Louis Blues, hehehe :armata_PDT_25: )



Thank you very much Erwin .



I would say to you that I like very much as you Glenn to miller . I have all his discography and I like particulierement " In the mood and moonlight serenade " as you .

But I would say to you that I am very nostalgic music of the year 40 .




Is what I can ask you . In what city of Belgium you live ?

I live in the suburb of Lille.




Véronique ;)

Far better than most of the modern junk they throw out the radio these days. :pdt12:

Must confess that last night, I played Metallica One and Hero of the Day). :blush:

No, I'm not a biker or so ..... can't even drive one, hehe.


Véronique, I live near Dendermonde (Home of the legendary Bayard Steed) which is about 45 minutes driving from Ghent and Brussels.

I hope to go live in the Ardennes area (or closeby) in a few years, but that's just a thought right now (need to figure out some stuff first).




(Oh my, they made me a Major now :blink::pdt20: )

Hey congrats MAJOR Erwin. You're just a posting fool. :pdt12::frown: Look at him racking up that rank. :pdt34: On the serious side you've added a lot to this forum and it's really nice having you here.


Hey Veronique and all, hope you've had time to listen to all :nuts: the great G Miller songs on my VI Corps music site. A lot of great toe tappers!

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