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When I'm working on the computer, I often go to your collection, Marion.

Great songs on it. :pdt34:


Time for some :coffee: for the Major. :pdt12:


Btw, thanks for the kind words.

Just informing the troops here, no big deal. :armata_PDT_01:



You have my vote...Major! :armata_PDT_37:


BTW, I've found something about Major Glenn Miller, some speculations abot his dead on:



That smells like "Top Secret" :glasses:

Sorry, I'm not in the race for a higher rank, ;) one more site about mistery of G. Miller's death!


Maybe not so far from the truth? Anyway , He give us great music with his famous and unique sound,copied by many big bands!

Well I dunno. Rumor is rumor until it is substantiated yes? Plus there are SO many stories. Which one do we believe? I say none. :pdt33: It is easy to assume. It very well may be that his plane did indeed just crash. It happened ALL the time. The one that said, well we didn't find any bodies, well, is that proof? The English Channel is a big choppy, deep body of water, and we may never know.


It just appears to me that people like to believe in conspiracies and cover-ups, because face it; they are a lot more fun and imaginative. Qui?


So here's to Glenn and his great music and the gifts he shared with the world in the 40's. He made many people happy and he still is today. That is all that matters. :pdt12:

Typical human; we just love conspiracy theories especially when the circumstances are a bit hazy.


Personally, I think Miller's plane was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.


I even heard (well, read) that the plane flew under a group of bombers returning from a bombing mission. Apparently, a few bombers dropped their loads in the Channel (we all know a WWII plane didn't land wih armed bombs in its belly, right?) as they didn't had the chance to drop them on their targets.

One of these bombs (or several) must have hit the plane underneath.


That's just another theory.

I don't believe the French widow and that prostitute story at all (smells like revisionism to me!).


Erwin (a BIG fan of Glenn Miller's music :pdt34: )


PS: Not in race for ranks either, wanted to remain Sergeant. :blush::pdt12:

I just found another video . This time it's Christina Aguilera vs The Andrew Sisters vs Pérez Prado vs Lou Bega . I like enough . Hope You Enjoy ! what's your opinion about music video ?

Said the me ?


For me it is the andrews sisters which I prefer !!



Véronique ;)

Finally got around to watching it. Very cute. Then I started watching the other Andrews Sisters videos. Just great!!!


Gotta make sure to put some of their video in my documentary, but have to get the real footage because UTube's quality, well let's be honest it sucks!! :lol:

Am I the only one seeing the B-17??? :armata_PDT_23:


Btw, I don't like the clips ...... no Armor boys in them. :rolleyes:;)



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