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Tom V

1264th Combat Engineers route through Europe

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Hi All, 

I'm a new member that just recently found this site. My dad, Edward A Voshell Jr. was a Technical Sargent in the 1264th.  I'm working to find information on this unit, their travels through Europe so I might be able to connect stories I remember him telling to real life events.  I heard these stories when I was very young, which was many years ago.  Sadly my dad passed away in 1978 and I didn't get the opportunity to talk with him about his experiences when we were both adults.  I've discovered there is a book on the 1264th that was published in 1945, but have not been able to find a copy. If anybody knows where I can get a copy it would be appreciated. 

I'm just starting my journey on this discovery. At some time I'd like to go to Europe and follow the path they took, if possible.  We have a few pictures that don't provide much information. A bridge over a river, the Rhine? and one labeled SS Headquarters in Switzerland. I faintly remember a story that related to a concentration camp.  Not sure if this was Dachau or not. Trying to connect these memories. 

Most of the posts I'm seeing are a few years old.  Hoping there are enough people researching their parents that I can gain some information.  Points, ideas, existing material are greatly appreciated.  

Tom V.

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