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Camp Butner NC engineer units. Trying to research

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 I just posted my introduction in another thread but I should mention a little here too. I am the curator for the Camp Butner Society and Museum in Butner, North Carolina. I am hoping to locate any histories, digital PDF yearbooks and/or rosters from the engineer units that were at the camp. We are lucky that we have the original quartermaster's log in which he noted all the units that came through which as far as we know, is complete.

The other reason I am hoping to find rosters is because of something very special to us. In the museum we have a little over 800 identified dog tags that have been dug up over the years at the camp. I have cataloged every one and there are 19 soldiers that were killed in action. In the database, I am trying to determine which units each soldier was in and I currently have 30-40% confirmed. It is the smaller units that are hard to determine so rosters would be VERY helpful.

These are the engineer units that were at Camp Butner. Some might have been here for inactivation after the war but not positive which ones as I write this post.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted through here, at butner.museum@gmail.com or our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/CampButnerSociety

Thanks so much!


60th Engineer Bn   (35th Infantry Div)

303rd Engineer Bn (78th Infantry Div)

314th Engineer Cbt Bn    (89th Infantry Div)

1133rd Engineer HQ and HQ Co   

1135th Engineer (Com) Group   
1144th Engineers   

1318th Engineer Regt     
1318th Engineer Regt (GS)   
1319th Engineer Regt (GS)   
1324th Engineer cadre   
1489th Engineer Maint Co   

1556th Engineer Cbt Co   
1564th Engineer DT Co   
1699th Engineer Bn   

281st Engineers   
282nd Engineers   
283rd Engineers   

31st Engineer C Bn   

389th Engineer Regt (GS)   

414th Engineer Dump Truck Co.   

500th Engineers LP Co.   

602nd Engineer Cam. Bn.   

632nd Engineer Co.   

762nd Engineer LE Co   
764th Engineer Dump Truck Co.   
765th Engineer Dump Truck Co.   
770th Engineer Dump Truck Co.   

972nd Engineer Co.   

HQ 1112th Engineer Group 

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Welcome. That's quite a project!

I do recognize several of the engineer regiments, bns, and companies, so there is some info regarding them on this forum. Hey, it's a start, right? Let's hope some others will join in and provide you with assistance too.

I'd advise to type in the name of a unit in the SEARCH engine at the top right of this site and see what transpires.

All the best, M1

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Hello and a hearty welcome from members of the 292nd thread!  I and other members will pass along anything that we run across to assist you folks.  Any identified dog tags happen to come from the 292nd?  Thanks for all that you folks do in the Camp Butner Society and down at the Camp Butner Museum!!!

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