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Walt's Daughter

VI Corps Rest Center

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I was trying to find out a little more info on the 6th Corps Rest Center and I saw your posting regarding the pamphlet you purchased on Ebay.  I have one too.  At the end of the war my Dad was assigned temporary duty for a short period of time at the rest center.  I’m not sure if you have seen pictures of the Excelsior Hotel but I have attached some copies of information cards about the hotel.  Hopefully this will be like putting a name and a face together.  I have some other copies of pamphlets if you would like to see them.


Excelsior Hotel 1 Back.jpg

Excelsior Hotel 1 Front.jpg

Excelsior Hotel Card 1 Front.jpg

Excelsior Hotel Card Inside (1).jpg

Excelsior Hotel Card Inside (2).jpg

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