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Andy's Daughter

245TH Combat Eng. daughter doing research

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My father, Capt. Andrew J. Somiak, was company commander of A Company in the 245th engineers. I have been digging through pictures and documents that I would like to share with others doing research.

I would also like to hear from anyone else who is doing research on the 245th. I have attached a photo below of Lt. Lane, Lt. Findley,  Capt.. Somiak, and Lt. Webster taken 18 May 1945 in Austria. As I find more pictures from this unit I will share them. I am new to this so any help would be appreciated.



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Wonderful photograph. So pleased to see that you have the names and dates too. We always love seeing new images from WWII.

Welcome to the forum. Let me see what I can dig up! :-) 

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