Hi All, Trying to locate information on the 358th Engineers, Company "C", WWII I have a friend of mine, actually, he's an ex-Bro in Law, that would like to have more information on his Father's Service.  He attempted to get the service records from St. Louis and received the "Fire Disaster" form letter.  Unfortunately, Earl is not very Computer Savy and he is not doing real well health wise so he basically accepted the letter from St. Louis and gave up.   I recently finished a documentary on my Uncle's service during WWII with the 16th Infantry.  When Earl read the draft, he asked me if I would help him.  I couldn't say no but I'm having a very hard time locating much information on the 358th and nothing specific to Company "C". Attached is a copy of the front page of his Honorable Discharge.   Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patrick