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ww2 myths

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Too many ww2 myths have portraid and talked about.. One is about the "cling" of the M-1 rifle clip being automatically ejected and the eney knowing when to attack the rifleman. First of all, any one in front and nearby would be almost deafined by the muzzle sound. Next. The Krauts used wooden bullets to keep x raying from finding them. We found some wooden tipped 8 mm ammo. Tried it out on cardboard K ration boxes. At 10 feet they would not penetrate cardboard. Blanks. Next, the M-1 carbine was not that great. The M-1 carbine was DESIGNED and made to replace the pistol.

It was accurate to over 150 yds and was used by many Infantry Officers and NCO's

and many engineer, artilery and the likes. Anyone familiar with the basic M-1 rifle

with almost no training could handle one. The .45 pistol was a laugh in combat. Very

few people that carried one were proficient with one. It almost could be considered a

"badge of authority"" and not much used in actual combat. Granted, there were a few cases and please dont bring up Sgt. York as one case.. I am sure that a few of us that

saw combat in ww 2 will add to this topic hopefully. When you all get tired of my postings let me know and will cease.

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One more thing. Dog tags, in WW 2. Most of us had the usual dog tags with a hole for the chains (2 chains, one short and one long with a tag on each) and a knotch at the

other end. The knotch was not used to put into a dead soldiers teeth. It was ONLY for

locating in the dog tag machine. At least in ETO, only Grave Registration personel were to remove the dog tags when removing bodies . A check in Google on WW2 dogtags will give you the info stamped on dog tags.

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Good stuff guys. I have read all kinds of "who-ha" on dog-tags. I think one of the most famous myths was the one you talked about Joe; the "in the teeth" one. I knew that one wasn't true, but just the other day had someone come into my store to say that the was the ultimate truth. Oh well. :wacko:


I will make sure to check out the link tomorrow. I will add it to the Links Page too.

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