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Co. E 351st Engineers

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Hi. I am Ben Sanders, son of 1LT Mart B. Sanders, who passed in 1961.​ At eleven, I did not get an opportunity to hear many of my dad's WWII experiences, so I was delighted to discover what I am about to share with you here.


​While looking through the 40th Ed. of The Official Rules of Card Games published in 1941, I found a flier for Co. E 351st Engineers 1943 Christmas dinner held in England. Attached is a file of the typewritten flier, and as soon as I can figure out how to send a small enough file of the actual flier, I will upload it.


​So, if you find your relative listed and have information about this unit, I would love for you to share that information in this forum. And I will share more things as I uncover them.

000-Merry Christmas 1943 England.pdf

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Welcome to the forum Ben, glad to have you aboard. Unit rosters can be mighty hard to come by a lot of times, you have a complete one for Co. E, very cool. Good luck with your search.



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Okay, kinda proud of my work today. A gentleman named Ben contacted me regarding his father, Lt Sanders who was with the 351st Engineers. He sent me a copy of a menu from Christmas 1943. The cover was in really bad shape and as you will see, it was badly stained, faded and creased. It looked horrible. I asked him to put in on our forum, but then wrote back and said, hey wait, maybe I can bring up the image a bit. Really that's all I was planning on doing today, however, I so was intrigued I spent several hours restoring it the best I could. I must admit, I am pretty damned pleased.

He hasn't seen it yet. Do you think he'll be surprised???

I had this in a separate post Ben. Didn't realize you already posted earlier, so I simply joined topic with yours.



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Ben may already have this information but while I had my Stanton's book out I thought I would post what it says about the 351st Engineer General Service Regiment.



20 AUG 1942 Activated at Camp White Oregon


9 MAY 1943 Moved to Fort Lewis Washington


7-17 JULY 1943 Staged at Camp Kilmer New Jersey


17 JULY 1943 Departed New York


27 JULY 1943 Arrived in England


AUG 1944 Landed in France


12 AUG 1945 Arrived at Camp Shanks New York


18 AUG 1945 Relocated to Fort Lewis Washington


14 DEC 1945 Deactivated and absorbed into reorganization as 351st Engineer Construction Battalion


Campaigns: Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace


AUG 1945 Location: En route to Fort Lewis Washington via train from Camp Shanks New York





Have a good one.




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