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Looking for immigrant soldiers in the US military during WWI

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Hello folks,

I am co-authoring a book about immigrant soldiers in the US military during World War I. It will be published by Schiffer Publishing, probably next year. I am asking for information from Forum members who might have relatives who fit this category. Specifically, I'd love to see photographs of the men in uniform, diaries, letters, or even oral history memories that members might remember. Of course my co-author and I will give credit in the book for anyone who can help. This is my third book, please see my Amazon author's page for more info!

Thanks very much!

Pete Belmonte

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Hey Pete! Good luck on your new book. So pleased for you. I hope our forum members can provide you with some information.


For those who don't know, Pete's uncle, Dean Belmonte, served in the 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion in Europe during World War II.

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