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341st Engineers

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Hello everyone,


My grandfather George Nelson served in the 341st engineers in Europe. He died unexpectedly in 1972 before I was born and without really relating a lot of his experiences. I've made some half hearted attempts to research him in the past but don't know what company he was in etc. He was an amateur photographer so we have some pictures that I will try to scan and post.


He had been in the Engineers in the 1930s and served in the Panama Canal Zone. In WWII he worked at Remington Arms Company as a security guard until he was drafted in '43 or '44. Because of his prior service he was apparently promoted to Sgt. He went to some training in the Southern California oilfields and then to England and Europe. I really don't know much about it except a few anecdotes my grandmother Father and aunt remembered.


Will add more shortly...

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To complicate things my grandfather also was in the 266th combat engineers 66th Infantry Division. I don't know if this was for a future deployment from France to Japan but suspect so. Here is a picture of him with his buddies. The picture us labelled "at the famous Calvados Still" or something similar. He is the Sgt kneeling lower right.


I wish I knew who the two guys goofing around in the middle are, the one guy is pretending to cut the other's ear off or shave him with a trench knife. I bet their kin would like to see it. Lol.


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Welcome. We have a TON of information on the 341st, so you arrived at the PLACE! Have you performed a search on the forum and the main site yet? I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.


I will also add you to my 341st email list and introduce you to the "gang".


Love the pic above. That is hysterical. Yes, wouldn't his family (the shaver) love to see that????

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Thanks! There are some other neat pictures too. They shot a lot of deer at one point. I kind of assume that was all post May '45. ;)


He didn't talk a lot about the war with his family. There were a few tales that came through. One time he came across a jeep running at the side of the road, the driver, an Army Chaplain, was shot dead by a sniper. Another time a Frenchman sold them some steaks, they were so big they had to cut the ends off steel drums to cook them in. They were probably horsemeat but the guys were so sick of canned army food they didn't care. :D


He was quite the souvenir hunter, I think that runs in the family. He made a neat picture frame for his daughter's picture out of the aluminum skin from a German bomber, and a sweetheart token from Plexiglass from a plane. The typical silver rings made from coins. He captured a surrendering German at some point and sent home his Mauser and Bayonet, belt buckle and some other stuff. Typical really but I really enjoy it today. I wish I did some research on him 15 years ago when there were more of his comrades around.


Will try to get some more pictures scanned and up. I just got a spare copy of the 341st's history on eBay and would like to get it scanned and in .pdf form online so anyone can enjoy it.

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