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Walt's Daughter

Farewell Bill Douglass - 1301st Engineer

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I am copying this verbatim from Bill's page. I just don't have the energy in my heart to start anew. So with heavy heart... :huh::(



Oh how I hate this part of my job, which is now occuring with alarming frequency, as "my boys" approach their 90's and beyond. And so the dreaded letter arrived last night, informing me that my very dear buddy has gone to claim his seat in engineer heaven.


Words never suffice at a time like this, and I find it difficult to be eloquent, as the tears gather in my eyes. Bill and I were steadfast friends and I feel such a loss. I can truly say that I loved him and I know he loved me. He brought so much joy to my heart, which will never be forgotten. He was overjoyed that I chose to share his story with the world, and I have many letters from him, expressing his appreciation. We made a good team.


Some people are so easy to love and he was one of them. Always warm, always a good sense of humor, always willing to pour out his heart.

Bill I shall miss you more than I can say. But I think you know already know that.

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That's my dear buddy!


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I'm sorry to hear of another heart breaking loss, Marion. It seems way too common now, but never any less tramatic.


Rest in peace, sir! Thank you for all you did for us.

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