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Walt's Daughter

Patton Publishing

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General Patton's granddaughter, Helen, is the president and founder of Patton Publishing.




Here's text taken from the home page:





Hi, I'm Helen Patton, in Hamm Luxemburg, at the American Cemetery where my Grandfather, General George S. Patton, is buried alongside his troops. These graves contain the remains of the men and women who suffered the terrible, bitter winter of 1944 and 1945. About a mile from here is the German cemetery, that contains their war dead. Young men pulled from their own classrooms and wooed into participating in a cause that was hopeless - leading to unthinkable consequences.


The Patton Sustainable Trust of Europe and The Patton Foundation of America both strive to honor the veterans. I'd like to introduce you to Patton Publishing, aiming to bring you books that reflect the war experience from all angles and give the individual soldiers a voice.


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