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A little late...

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I have just realized, that I never made my presentation​​...


Is how to enter and exit a museum or an exhibition without signing the guestbook ... :D



Thus, although now you know me already, my name is Enrico and I write from Bologna in Italy. I am a collector of militaria of WWII, mostly American.


I do searches with metal detector and participate in events of historical re-enactment!

I conclude by saying that I am very happy to be here and that this is the only forum where I feel truly at home! : D


Thanks M1 and community



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:PGood morning! You are so funny! You make me laugh! That is a good thing!


I also love the image your are using now (that of your girlfriend and you dressed in 40's!)

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Yes, we were in Verona with Rocky :D


This picture is new instead, we did it for an article about us ... Still I have not had, but I will post here as soon as I get a copy :D (obviously translated in my english-Italian LOL)


(both helmet are painted by hand by me; I'm very satisfied of the medical one! :D)

I will have to iron my uniform .... seems an accordion so and for sure I would have problems during the war LOL



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