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Walt's Daughter

Lost at Nijmegen

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Received this...


Dear Madam,


I want to draw your attention to my new book "Lost at Nijmegen".


In his review of my book Phil Nordyke, author of "All American all the way" says:


The author has done an outstanding job of researching the critical first twenty-four hours after the 82nd Airborne Division landed in Holland and its capture of key bridges and high ground near Nijmegen, Holland on September 17, 1944.


The author uncovers a number of little known details about the operation which will provide a basis of information for historians and authors in the future.


All in all, a very well researched and thought provoking book.


Website: http://lostatnijmegen.pre-jump.nl/


With regards,


R.G. Poulussen

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