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The Bridge in the Sky.

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As we approach the year 2013 and the 70th anniversary of Operation Husky, many of the tasks that Combat Engineeers undertook on Sicily are worth revisiting.

On the 12 August 1943, in order to halt the progress of the US 30th Infantry, the Germans blew up the road on the clifface of Cape Calava. The 10th Engineer Combat Battalion were tasked with making a repair that came to be known as the BRIDGE IN THE SKY. Also said to be "a landmark of American engineer support in Sicily"!

I can now add a link that encompasses a number of my research projects: Ernie Pyle, Sicily, Operation Husky and of course Combat Engineers. Ernie's report in words and pictures describes what happened.





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Denis has a wonderful site and it's great to read accounts like this.

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