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Walt's Daughter

John W Ware - 36th Combat Engineer

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Though we have not heard with finality, it would appear another seahorse has gone to that great engineering place in the sky. Received this letter from Captain John Fallon, who sends out the 36th Engineer newsletters.


August 17, 2011



I don't think I ever met John Ware of Virginia. He never replied to any of my letters in all the years I have been sending them but he certainly got them because they didn't come back,........until today. Often when I get these letters back I get a letter from a wife or relative but not today; John was probably alone and the envelope read," Unable to foreward" . Well I can foreward it because I know there is a special place for soldiers like our Seahorses. May he rest in Peace.


So this morning I did a search and while I did not find an obituary today, I did find a wonderful article about the life and times of John Ware. Afterwards I wrote to the editor and asked his permission to share this with you on our site. His very prompt reply:




You most certainly have my permission to share the article!


All the best to you...



Gary Mortenson


Thank you Gary. I am so pleased.




Here's to John. I too have never met you, but am pleased to present this to our viewers. You had quite a life!

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I also found his pic in my 36th's Fort Bragg book from 1942


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What a lovely article. I enjoyed the read and thank you for sending it my way. I think we honor people when we take the time to learn a bit about their story.


Does anyone have any information about Paul Fives? I think he was a Captain and C.O. of Company H


my best to all....marion

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Thanks Marion! Glad we share a name!!!


I will see what I can find out about Paul Fives and get back with you.

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John Fallon stated:


Paul Fives was the CO of H Company at the end of the war. He took over in the Fall of '44, either October or November


If anything else is discovered I will post later...

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