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Walt's Daughter

US Combat Engineer 1941-45

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Book review from a friend...




I ordered a book recently through Amazon.com entitled US Combat Engineer 1941-45 and I did not see it listed in your website section of “Books, Magazines, and Videos.” Just thought I would let you know. I found it to be a decent overview of the subject (in 64 pages) with lots of good photos and beautiful original artwork.


And by the way, I absolutely loved No Bridge Too Far. Great, great stuff, Marion. If it is possible to wear out DVDs, I am well on my way given the number of times I have watched the very interesting account of what my Dad endured. It has brought visuals and background to the stories he told me.



Title: US Combat Engineer 1941-45


Author: Gordon L. Rottman


Illustrator: Adam Hook


First published in Great Britain in 2010 by Osprey Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-84603-579-1




Rick Cameron

Son of Glenn Cameron; 36th Combat Engineers; Company E.

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Guest Caryl-280ECB

I have it. I got it last year on pre-order. It's not GREAT, in fact, a great deal of it is generic Army info they use as filler.It is a good starter and reference book. :)

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Thanks. That's the impression I got too.

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