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brian m

Thanks Marion

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Hey Marion, I though this might be a good place to add a comment about your website too :) I was just going through the website again tonight (although i do not post much, i am on the site probably every other day to see what is new) and I wanted to let you know that I find new and interesting things on your website all the time! Great job and keep it up!


I am almost completed getting my grandfathers photographs scanned in and labeled. They are fairly large files. To get them onto the website, is it best to load them one at a time or would it be easier to send them to you on a disc?


Also, I have met with the gentleman I told you about previously that had served in the same company as my grandfather. We have met twice now (i recorded about 6 hours of audio the first meeting and didn't get to ask him any of the questions I had prepared!). The second visit was only for about four hours and I got 2 of the 12 pages of questions asked. This has been so much fun for me and I am learning so much from him. I have been listening to his stories and I am coming up with more questions for him every day. Before the war, he had worked on Merchant Marine ships from a shipyard in Baltimore, MD. He even saw one of the ships he had worked on when he was crossing the English Channel going over to Normandy! We have plans to go to Baltimore in the spring as another one of the ships he worked on is on display in the harbor.


All the research on my grandfather and his role in the war has naturally led to research on my entire family and in doing so has brought me even closer to my family. Thanks so much for doing all you have done, it has inspired many (particularly me) to find out more about our own families histories.


Thanks so much!




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Dear Brian:


Gee, anything I can say back to you this morning, seems inadequate, so I'll just say THANKS, tell you just how much I appreciate your post and let you know just how much it means to me. :clappin2:


Your post happened to coincide with another event today, which shall remain a secret until a certain return phone call comes my way today! So hopefully I will be able to tell everyone about a great opportunity which was offered to me yesterday (via voice-mail)... :wave2:


Ah, the suspense grows!!!!


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