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Patton's 3rd Army, advance to Moselle Valley,at Verdun during, WW2, Sept 2 1944

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3rd US Army advance to Moselle under command of Lieut. General George Patton. Early September 1944. Scenes from Verdun .





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Thank you for posting that clip Vee. It features the US 3rd Army commanded by one of my WWII heroes, General George Patton and that is why it is of special interest to me.

I am too much of a gentleman to imagine you are among the beautiful French women welcoming the US Army, you're much too young! But I wondered if with your interest in WWII you ever talk to older relatives and friends about what it was like as the tanks, jeeps etc rolled through the French streets?



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My father did a lot of work with Patton.


I had a conversation with him recently where he told me about a man he knew in his home town, the man was a WWI veteran, who would always argue with him that "no one ever went ahead of the infantry, that the infantry was always up front."


My father would tell him that may be true of his experiences, but that it was his (my father's) experience that the engineers were often up front before anyone else, and he said that anyone with a gun "was infantry" when circumstances dictated.


My father cleared roads for Patton, whichever way Patton wanted to go, my father said it was their job to see that he did.


(I just love the image of these two veterans of these two "Great" wars together talking.)

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Hi Carolyn ,



That great to have your Father serving under General Patton .Must had a lot to tell about his services in world war two


I love your Dad for this he has made for my country !!

He is one heros for me !!




Vee :heartpump:

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Like most of our veterans my Dad never liked to talk about it, except for a few funny things that happened.


One of the stories I heard all of my life was about a monkey that my dad and some of his buddies found, they figured it must have escaped from a zoo. They called the monkey Adolph and the monkey traveled with them until they were getting ready to come back to the States (my dad asked about bringing him home but he was not allowed).


Now Dad will talk about some of his experiences a little bit more, because we ask him about specific things. I hate to ask him to talk about the painful things, and I don't push him, but it's so important for us to know.


So sometimes we are privileged to have him share some of these stories....


Thank you, Vee!!



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