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Walt's Daughter

149th Combat Engineers

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Subject: 149 combat engineers, company b


I wonder if you can direct me to a site where I can learn about the

group my uncle served in in Europe during World War II...I can't seem

to locate anything.


Thanks a lot.

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Dear Nan:


Sorry I haven't gotten back with you. I am in the midst of reorganizing everything, including my Outlook folders for VI Corps and your letter slipped through the cracks. Lately I have been getting anywhere from 75 to over 100 emails a week from vets, families and friends and it keeps me hopping.


Here are two contact for the 149th CE WWII:


Mr. Bruce W. DeForest

2248 Robbins Nest Cove

Collierville TN 38017-8863


EMail: BD149Engr@Yahoo.com


149th Engineer Battalion Association

Mr. Bob Miller

8 Encino Place

Pueblo, CO 81005

(719) 564-5300



Here are some various links:

















You may also want to contact the Army Corps of Engineers. They have folders on each Combat Engineer Battalion in WWII. They provided me with a ton of material when I began my search for the 540th CE.



Well, that should get you off to a good start. Let me know how you progress and if I can be of any further help. I am going to add this info to my forum under LOST AND FOUND.

Thanks for contacting me and the best of luck in your continued endeavors.


Marion J Chard

Proud daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek

540th Combat Engineer WWII


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I just bought them. Didn't want to let this go. Thanks!!!!!

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If someone is selling something that I'm interested in I always view their 'other items for sale' because you never know what else they might be selling that is related to what you just bought.  I'm glad to hear that you got them!


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That's quite a find!

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I will post when I get a chance to scan them. Right now I'm in the middle of chairing our (Alger Parks and Rec) biggest fundraiser of the year (July 27th), Music in the Park. And on top of that, am having Kai-Ann and her family, stay with us beginning on Monday through Friday, so have my hands full right now. But I am thrilled to add them to my growing collection. 


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