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      Upgrade July 26,2017   07/27/17

      We had an upgrade to the system this morning and I had to temporarily disable the theme/colors/look-feel of the forum. The forum was acting strangely and was moving along at a snails pace, so had to perform some tests. After I disabled all the customizations, things improved immensely, so... I am hoping to add our colors back, but till then...bear with me. Thanks!
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      Advertisers   08/12/17

      If you would like to advertise on my VI Corps site, please let me know. However, all ads must be directly related to WWII. Are you an author? Are you conducting tours? Are you a researcher? Prices are very reasonable, for aren't we here to benefit each other? Looking forward to hearing from you. 

      Viewers, please note, there WILL NOT be giant pop-up ads on my site. Nothing infuriates me more than going to someone's site and having to scroll past obnoxious, in your face ads or ones that are stuck in the middle of articles, forcing you to scroll further down the page to see the rest of the paragraphs. They will be tasteful, appropriately places small banners.
Walt's Daughter

The latest from da garden

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Here's just a few of my recent images from my gardens. Enjoy!


Front yard, south side garden and some front backyard including veggie garden.






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Very nice! We are always in rent houses so we don't do much gardening. My dad and I did quite a bit growing up.

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Wow, I didn't know you and your dad were into gardening - cool. Ya, real hard in rentals. Some day you will settle down and you can go digging in mother earth. :armata_PDT_01:

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Ahh, i`m having another Better Homes & Garden moment. .......hmmmmmm..

When do put in the little stream & replica Baily Bridge?

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just GORGEOUS M1!!!

My neighbor came over today to tell me how beautiful my garden is and insist that I take pictures. Now you've inspired me too!!


How are you??? and how are all my beloved (and you ARE beloved!) M1 "peeps"??

Am "wired" up now as Verizon was here last week all day and I bought a new laptop.

It was extremely handy that I bought all the components to assemble computers in my last job, so I knew exactly what i wanted/needed. Good at buying, but hooking everything up - not so much. Still need to install my wireless printer, but will wait for a rainy day indoors.


have been very busy -still no job(surprise, surprise!)


Am attempting to rescue a mama cat and her 4 kittens. The animal control lady in Needham is a sweetheart and she gave me some traps to catch em with and will take them to spay/neuter for free since I volunteered to keep them and try to tame the kittens (i know - I AM crazy, but you all already know THAT!). I cleaned out my enire pantry and am trying to find space elsewhere for everything that was stored in there. At some point, my Dad must've taken the pantry door off and used it for some other project (they were all "recyclers" before it was "cool"), I think it may've been our picnic table top. Anyway, I needed

a door so I rummaged around in the cellar and found the original door for the screened in porch which fit and now I gotta mount it. Oh-Oh! I'm not good with power tools, but will try out my cordless drill. If you have any tips or suggestions let me know.


more later... I just wanted to see how you all are and wish you all a FABULOUS 4th!!!!

God bless America, God bless our Vets and all our Armed Forces, and God bless all you M1 patriots!!




mary ann

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