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Pets for Vets

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Received this and have acted on it this afternoon:


If you remember I sent you a message on 3 May 2010 asking for your daily support to vote for the Pets for Vets Program . The Program trains pets and veterans to take care of one another and has been found effective with our returning vets with severe depression of PTSD. We've come a long way from being position 308 to being position 59 but we need to get to position number 1 or 2 by 31 May.


Just a reminder of some procedures about voting for Pets for Vets that I had wondered about and thought when I hit the vote button first that the vote is being recorded. Evidently you have to log in and then hit the vote thing again for it to be recorded. See the note below from Ann Black.


We are just over the mid point in voting and we must be diligent for the rest of the month to vote every day so that we can help our vets.


Thanks and All the best,


John D. Bowen





Thank you for continuing to vote! Your vote will make a difference in the lives of shelter pets and our returning heroes. As little as 10 votes can move us up one spot. We are still pushing to make it to the top two to receive the $250,000 grant.


Some of you have noticed that when you follow the above link and then click “vote for this idea” Pepsi prompts you to sign in with your email. However after entering in your email you still have to click “vote for this idea” again for the vote to count. You will know your vote has counted when you see the information to “share” the idea and "9 votes left" at the bottom left of the screen. Let’s see if this info will help us get out of the low 60 range and closer to our goal of #1 or #2. Thank you everyone!


Facebook link to vote:



Ann Black


Pets for Vets




Pets for Vets movie

All the best,


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