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Walt's Daughter

Veterans - assistance with interview project

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Robert Walsh sent this to me. Here is the request he received. If anyone is interested, please get in touch with me, and I will give you her email address. I do not want to post it here for all the spy-bots.




Mr. Walsh,


Thank you for the phone call concerning the Veterans. I can not begin to explain the excitement about this opportunity. We will be in touch soon.


Thanks again.



Jennifer Hodges

Allendale High School

10760 68th Ave

Allendale, MI 49401




She is working on an oral history project for veterans with her students.


They may be willing to do telephonic interviews, but the best way for the interviews is probably in person.


If anyone can help out with the project or knows someone in the Allendale area who might be interested please pass this along.



Robert P. Walsh

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