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One Soldier's Memories:World War II - 1285th Engineers

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One Soldier's Memories:World War II - by Steven E. Danish


One Soldier's Memories: World War II is the only accurate record

of the 1285th Engineer's combat battalion available anywhere.


Thanks to Jim Hennessey for sending me this link. B)

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Received this letter from Sean Winter, with an attached history of the 1285th (pdf file). Thanks a million Sean and thanks for your kind comments. We sure appreciate your help!


I will you know if we come up on anything regarding the 236th or the 209th. If we find anything, will be sure to post on this forum.





I've visited your site a few times. Great work!


I recently corresponded with Brown Univ who had this short history of the 1285th Combat Engineers. They were in the Central Europe Campaign. Thought you might like it for your site.


If you ever run into the 236th or 209th Combat Eng Unit Histories (CBI Theatre), I've had a tough time locating them.




1285th History.pdf

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