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hello from canada!

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I am an actor in Toronto, Canada, getting ready to play Stanley in a streetcar named desire. the character is a WWII vet, part of the "241st Engineers" and specifically mentions the battle at Salerno in the script.


i am going to poke my nose around the forum a bit, but if you have any interesting tidbits, i would greatly appreciate it.


thanks for the inclusion. FYI, my grandfather is a vet of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and my dad just retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, after a 33 year career which took him to Egypt, Bosnia, and most recently to Afghanistan. My sister is also married to a weapons tech. in the forces, my uncle is in the air force, and my cousin is a tank driver. So i come from an army family. I guess I'm the black sheep.


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Hey "Stanley":


You know something, I never realized that the role was that of a combat engineer. Wow, the things you learn from day to day.


Well congrats on your part, and I hope we can give you a bit of information to help you with the role.


I have quite a bit of information on Salerno, including I do believe, some film footage. I'm sure others will give you their two cents worth too. I will see what I can specifically dig up on the 241st engineers. Stay tuned...


A warm welcome,


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